What does BASE4 Do?

We Help Developers Build Cheaper & Faster

We are architects & engineers rethinking the way buildings get built.

Our team works with developers and general contractors to rethink traditional building methods by infusing innovative technology, forward-thinking design, and offsite manufacturing principles to build projects CHEAPER and FASTER!

BASE4 Innovates to Build Better

According to McKinsey & Company, 13% of global GDP can be attributed to construction, and yet, over the last 20 years, the trillion-dollar industry’s annual productivity growth has increased merely 1%. To make matters worse, this year’s challenges have paralyzed the industry in many ways—while increasing the cost of building materials and impeding job site progress.

Business as usual is no longer good enough for us. 

Our Design Service-Centered Approach

We at BASE4 believe in a DESIGN SERVICE mindset—bringing standardization and manufacturing principles to an outdated system. With the design service-centered approach, we continually optimize the build process, building faster, cheaper, and more efficiently.

BASE4 commits to leading the way through
this fourth industrial revolution.

The fourth industrial revolution is transforming the way we work and how the world runs. AI, 3D printing, augmented reality, and robotics are already taking off. As a tech firm in the AEC space, our team of experts brings the power of industrialized construction to all types of projects.


Meet BASE 4.0

BASE4—as you know it—is advancing. To accelerate the paradigm shift into the fourth industrialization, we've been working hard to go above and beyond our niche design offerings. Here is where we thrive:

Industrialized Construction Methods

Our commitment to advanced innovation means our team brings the best of prefabrication, offsite, and modular methods—reducing costs and eliminating inefficiencies.

All Services In-house


Experienced in all 50 States

Our team members are experts in design, having design experience in every state—ensuring quality and speed-to-market.

24-Hour Work Day

We have hundreds of full-time designers from across the globe—so projects keep moving forward even while you sleep.

100% Revit/3D Design

Harnessing the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM), we improve the quality of drawings and bring forth projects with greater detail and design integrity.

As AEC futurists, our goal is to integrate the internal efforts of our industry and—more importantly—work together to fix every broken aspect of the system.