Meet BASE 4.0

Accelerating the 4th Industrial
Revolution in AEC

BASE4 commits to leading the way through
this fourth industrial revolution.

Industrialization dawned on the invention of steam-powered machinery and it graduated when mass manufacturing brought about the second industrial transformation. But digitization again changed the way the world worked. Still amid this third revolution, the time is now to plan for Industry 4.0.

What Really Happened?

The construction site hasn't changed much in the past century. According to McKinsey & Company, 13% of global GDP can be attributed to construction and yet, over the last 20 years, the trillion-dollar industry's annual productivity growth has increased merely one percent. While opportunities for innovation abound, the construction industry remains stuck. That's how it's always been done, is what happened.

That's how it's always been done
is what happened.

We sell products, not a service.

Product-centricity is becoming the needed approach in architecture, engineering, and construction. Think about modular construction: manufacturers sell an actual manufactured product, which is produced the same way as cars.

It's time for the AEC industry to catch up!

Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution is transforming the way we work and how the world runs. AI, 3D printing, augmented reality, and robotics are already taking off.

Meet BASE 4.0

BASE4—as you know it—is advancing. To accelerate the paradigm shift into the fourth industrialization, we've been working hard to go above and beyond our niche design offerings.

Strategy Experts

To help you make the most of your resources and intellectual property, we set up a think-tank session to reevaluate your business strategy—making long-term goals clear and achievable.

BIM Coordinator

We customize BIM to work for you. We also automate processes and customize Revit through coding and sophisticated project management techniques to increase efficiency.

Value Engineering

Going one step beyond quality and aesthetics, we value engineer projects to maintain a healthy function-to-cost ratio. We have fine-tuned our approach through decades of value engineering numerous projects.

100% Vertical Integration (All Services in-house)

Virtual and augmented realities can transform the way you visualize a project. Our experts create fully immersive AR/VR simulations to see your project up close before it's ever built.

A new way to design (DfMA) / Manufacturing Focus (Product Focus)

From helping you implement prefabricated and modular construction to setting up your offsite factory—we have the resources and the network to help you shift into manufactured construction.

Data Restructuring

Every data point is important. Our experts help you rebuild your database to increase operational efficiencies and make way for the implementation of artificial intelligence.

Operational Standardization

We write detailed SOPs for large firms to operate efficiently. Our goal is to pack more action and output into the day with optimum resources. As AEC futurists, our goal is to integrate the internal efforts of our industry and—more importantly—work together to fix every broken aspect of the system.

As AEC futurists, our goal is to integrate the internal efforts of our industry and—more importantly—work together to fix every broken aspect of the system.